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For many of us, e-mail is the best thing about the internet. Sure the web is cool, but the web is a one-way flow of information from a web site to you. E-mail allows us to interact with others, to exchange news and jokes with our friends and to engage with people we will never meet.

E-mail loses some of its shine when spammers get our e-mail address. Suddenly, the inbox that brought the latest news from friends is full of ads, for crying out loud, selling everything from the most despicable porn to the latest and lowest home mortgage rates. Before long, the spam far outweighs our real e-mail.

Many people are trying to find a solution to this problem. Some are trying to legislate this problem away by making it illegal to send Unsolicited Commercial E-mail. I predict they will have the same success as those folks that think they can stop drug use simply by making drugs illegal.

Others more realistically recognize that spam is a fact of life and think that e-mail filters in our e-mail client program can prevent spam from reaching us. E-mail filters, though, require constant tweaking. And you don't dare just throw away e-mail that is blocked by the filter! What if an e-mail from a long lost love should be lost because it didn't make it past your carefully crafted filter?

Open Vistas mail users benefit from a series of spam prevention techniques that are completely transparent to the user because they all run on the server and not in your email client. Our mail servers employ greylisting and greytrapping, and a few other techniques to stop spam before it ever hits your Inbox.

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